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Ride Update
August 4, 2009, 7:00 pm
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There has been so much amazing feedback and awareness around this ride – I’m absolutely floored!

Route-planning is underway, and once it’s cleared with the city and VPD, we’ll publish more details, including a meeting point for the evening of Friday August 14th.

In the meantime, stay tuned to our twitter account (@criticalmanners) and watch for stories of the ride in the local news. This is shaping up to be quite the event! Thanks everyone for all your support and enthusiasm so far.



A lot of people aren’t on twitter. Anything up on Facebook or other blog sites that we can follow?

Comment by Asha

We’ve now added a Facebook page.

Comment by criticalmanners

Asha: If you use RSS, you can get an RSS feed from Twitter.

Comment by Chris

I gotta say, I like what you guys are doing. I think for the most part is that bicycle riding can be enjoyable without it being completely out of control. I think it can and will create awareness and educates the public about cycling in general.

I hope this group can change some of the bad PR that’s coming out of cycling in Vancouver.

Comment by Teddy

I made a thread for it on the forums, and someone asked about a Facebook event, prob a good idea.

Comment by GregEh

Yes. That’s a good point. We now have a Facebook event page for August 14th as well.

Comment by criticalmanners

This is fantastic. I really hope that this becomes a regular event on the second friday of every month.

Comment by anon

If we’re following all the rules, there’s really no need to “clear” the route with the city and VPD, right?

Comment by GregEh

It’s not so much a “need” as a show of goodwill that we’re sharing things and looking for collaboration/feedback ahead of time.

Comment by criticalmanners

Are you going to request an escort from the police for this legal ride? I mean, if they are going to escort an illegal act like critical mass, surely they will escort your legal act. Especially since motorists might think you’re critical mass and you feel in danger from them, just as the critical mass people said they felt in danger last month.
If the VPD don’t agree to escort you, I’d go to the press with that info.

Comment by me

Mightn’t it be better to show that a large group can function on the road without police, and not waste their resources?

Comment by GregEh

The opinion of the VPD was that there should be no need to escort us, since they don’t escort any other regular traffic around (save for dignitaries). That said, they were happy to have the head’s up in terms of a “knowing what’s going on in our city” perspective.

Comment by criticalmanners

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