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It’s Ride Week!
August 10, 2009, 3:41 pm
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Looks like the weather is set to co-operate with us just in time, and we’ll hopefully have sun for Friday afternoon!

We’re currently communicating with the city regarding the route – it all looks good so far – and hopefully we can share it all by late-afternoon tomorrow!

Only four sleeps left. I’ll be dreaming of peacefully cycling through the city, will you?



Still unclear on why we need to have a route approved by the city? Isn’t this only furthering the logic that bikes don’t belong on the roads and that we have to get civic approval to do so? I am with the understanding that CMass needs an approved route because by all intents it is illegal. This is a legal, single file ride, which I do everyday with dozens of other cyclists, but I never get permission to do so. I am entitled to do so if I wish.

Comment by Lawrence

The short answer is we aren’t required to get the route approved. But since the entire purpose of this ride is cooperation with other road users, we’ve submitted the route so the city & VPD can respond with any planned road closures or conflicts with other special events going on at the parks at the starting/ending points. It’s not a legal requirement, just a basic courtesy.

Comment by criticalmanners

Part of me thinks that unless we gets 100’s of cyclists out for CManners this Friday, the public will think that cyclists, as a group, are not interested in cycling legally and respectfully. This could really set us back 3 steps. The media WILL be there!

Comment by Lee

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