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Ride Day!
August 14, 2009, 11:08 am
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Hooray it’s ride day!

A few things to note before you head out to join us:

1. You are undertaking this ride entirely at your own risk. Please ride safely and ensure you’re in compliance with the laws of the land while you’re out on the streets.

2. There are a lot of left turns on this ride! If you are comfortable making left turns with cars, remember to signal and shoulder check. If you are not comfortable making left turns in the left turn lane, signal and pull off the road, then walk your bike across the crosswalks and re-join the ride.

3. We meet at David Lam Park at 5:45 – everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. The only requirements are that you want to cycle within the rules of the motor vehicle act and promote positive road-user relations.

See you there!



Hope it isnt raining at that time, there is a good chance it wont. Hope its a lot of people following the rules and hope to all have fun safely 🙂 Awesome Idea and a noble one.

Comment by heman

I just wrote a longer post on my thoughts about Manners and Mass and how they relate:

Feedback is welcome.

Comment by Luke

Nice post Luke! You can read my response at the end of his post (spoiler: I pretty much agree).


(disclosure: Luke and I are friends, in spite of – or perhaps because of – our often differing opinions and perspectives)

Comment by criticalmanners

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