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Next Ride, September 11 (Maybe?)
August 18, 2009, 7:20 pm
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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback on the last post.

Before planning another ride, it’s helpful to know how many people are likely to participate.

Please vote in the poll below, and let us know if you’ll be there.



Hi Jen,

Couple thoughts:

Might also help to add a poll choice of “maybe”, as this will be a hectic time of year for many with all the back to school stuff going on and some people’s schedules may really be up in the air. Other people might also be hesitant to commit before the proposed route, and other associated plans, have been announced.

I don’t know if it could be added to the poll, but it would also be nice to how many of the people voting in the poll rode in the previous ride vs are new people hoping to participate. That would help us read more into the poll results.

For those who vote No, perhaps we could also encourage these folks to share their reasons here in the comments? That could give us a better idea of whether it is simply a scheduling issue, or they fundamentally disagree with this kind of ride, or there is something else they have issue with that prevents them from wanting to participate. This could be very useful info for planning future rides.


Comment by Dave

Great comments Dave. I didn’t add the “maybe” since it’s hard to plan around people who aren’t sure. I wanted to gauge people who already knew they were keen and available (or not) off the bat.

Comment by criticalmanners

cant wait for the ride y’all!

Comment by ch

Does size really matter? During the early years of Critical Mass (that other ride) I can remember times when as few as three riders showed up. We still rode.

Comment by Steve

Size doesn’t matter for having the ride, but it does impact planning. If nobody wanted to ride, that’d be a different thing all together.

Comment by criticalmanners

This is my first time on this website. I was curious about Critical Manners after seeing it announced on the Velolove email list. But I must say that the ride does not sound very appealing to me. I am not interested at all in breaking the law or creating dangerous situations, but a ride just to exactly follow the law? I can do that on my own. To promote safe riding in traffic, VACCs cycling courses at schools and rec centres are great. I think cycling in traffic should be part of the curriculum of every school in the Lower Mainland.

Comment by kate

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